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Motorized Shades: Benefits Beyond Aesthetics


Why Modern Interior Design Should Include Motorized Window Treatments 

As an interior designer, you’re likely aware that motorized window shades are a sleek solution for your customers' homes. As we know, blocking light and protecting your customers' privacy are the most practical reasons to select stylish shades for their windows. However, if your customers are interested in the lifestyle benefits of smart technology, then motorized window treatments are for them.

Motorized shades can be custom fit to any window in a house, even curved glass walls or skylights. Custom-fit motorized shades add value to homes instantly. Our customers and interior designers that we work with in Cary, NC know there are many versatile advantages to smart shades. Discover what we love about them below.

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Motorized Shades Help Save Energy

By implementing heat or UV sensors, motorized shades can lower automatically at the hottest times of day. This will keep your clients’ rooms cool, so they won’t have to crank the AC in summertime. In the winter, shades can automatically lower for the opposite reason—to keep a draft out and warm air inside. Clients will use less energy, lowering their utility bills.

The Cordless Design is Safe for Pets and Children

If you’re working with someone who has young children running around their home, then cordless motorized window shades will give them peace of mind that the kids are safe from cord-related accidents.

Blinds with cords are hazardous and can suffocate children and pets. This is particularly true of corded window shades that have a loop. Motorized shades eliminate this risk.   

Motorized Window Shades Give Your Customers Added Security

Through a home automation system, motorized shades can also act as a security device. Whether your customers are out grocery shopping or have gone out of state on a week-long vacation, motorized shades can help keep their home safe.  

Your clients will schedule their shades to open and close or rise and fall throughout the day, making it look like someone is always home. Smart lights can flicker on and off too for an added effect. It will look like a busy house inside, deterring potential thieves.

Let’s Choose the Right Motorized Window Shades for Your Clients

Could your design projects incorporate smart technology? If you’re an interior designer in Cary, NC, connect with us today to talk about motorized window shades that are perfect for your clients’ homes.

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