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Elevate Your Living Space with Motorized Window Shades


Luxury Shades from Lutron and Screen Innovations Include Amazing Features That Enhance Your Home

Even a window shade says a lot about your personal style. Some are high-end luxury products that add ambiance to your space, and others . . . well, they do nothing to improve your home décor. Instead of throwing any shade on your window, add class to your home in Raleigh, NC with quiet, stylish, and motorized window shades.

Smart shades give you complete light control at the touch of a button, and they provide enhanced comfort, added beauty, and increased energy savings. Best of all, there are so many styles to suit your needs. So, you never need to feel limited in your choice. Find out how motorized shades from manufacturers like Lutron and Screen Innovations can update the appearance of your rooms.




Easy-to-Operate and Innovative Motorized Shades

You have a beautiful home with amazing windows. The view may be even more breathtaking. But when it’s time to raise the shades, the task isn’t easy. Most window shades must be manually adjusted and doing it can be quite challenging.  For instance, if your window is behind furniture, you’ll have to maneuver your way to raise or lower the shade. And if the window is higher up on the wall, you may even need a ladder.

Whether you want to open your window to see the view or let the sun in, or you’d like more privacy during the evening, adjusting your new motorized shades is easy. Simply push a button to easily lower or raise them. That means no more maneuvering, messy cords, or manual operation. It’s all automatic, seamless, and quiet. Using your smartphone or touchpad, it’s a breeze to control your window treatments.


Choose Your Style and Set the Mood

Why settle for ordinary when it’s time to pick a window shade? Lutron and Screen Innovations feature extraordinary shades in different colors, materials, and designs to match your décor. Choose options ranging from traditional to contemporary to achieve the perfect look to complement your space. You can also choose between solar screens, blackout shades, and decorative translucent fabric shades. Whatever your desire, there’s a motorized shade waiting for you. There are also wireless options that provide the perfect solution for retrofits or renovations.

Did we say, “quiet?” Due to the innovative design of motorized shades, they are virtually silent. Most use a brushless motor technology that is not only durable, but ultra-quiet. Need to lower a shade in your child’s room? Push a button remotely, and it closes like a whisper, without waking them up.


Don’t Forget the Energy-Saving Benefits

Your new shades are smart: That’s another reason to install them. Because they are motorized – and, if you’d like, fully integrated with your smart home system – you can set them to raise and lower with the sun’s movement. If the afternoon sun is heating up your home, then lower your light-filtering solar shades to reduce heat and UV rays. Perhaps you want to eliminate the light and heat altogether. Blackout shades stop light from entering your home, creating privacy and lessening the load on your AC.

The team at Tronic Integration can also install light sensors to connect the shades to your smart lighting system. If your shades are up while the sun is shining, then your smart lighting adjusts automatically as well. When the room starts getting too hot, your shades lower themselves while your smart system readjusts the lighting.


Find out how automated motorized window shades add more luxury to your life? Contact Tronic Integration at (919) 367-9074 or complete our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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