Enjoy the Incredible Versatility of MartinLogan Speakers


Exhilarating Yet Simple Whole-Home Audio for Your Cary-Area Home

Where do you enjoy listening to great audio in your home? Perhaps you enjoy Top 40 pop music by the pool area, or maybe you prefer classic rock in your listening room. The kids likely enjoy streaming their favorite songs from Spotify or watching music videos on YouTube in their room.

Instead of having separate music players sprinkled throughout your Cary, NC home, why not create a cohesive whole-home music system that puts every aspect of high-performance audio into your hands?

With MartinLogan speakers, you have a wide variety of speaker system options available to you, perfect for any application you can think of – outdoor, architectural, wireless and more! Keep reading to learn about the possibilities.


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If you’re a fan of bold statement pieces, then the Masterpiece Series from MartinLogan is for you. These electrostatic loudspeakers are perfect for listening rooms or home theaters and embody the brand’s motto – truth in sound.

The flagship Neolith speakers are made to order and offer an ultra-realistic soundstage that reproduces practically the entire high frequency and mid-range audio spectrum. A 15-inch rear-firing woofer and 12-inch front-firing mid-bass woofer complement one another and deliver extremely powerful yet accurate bass. You’ll be immersed in the live concert experience or action movie soundtrack while sitting in your Cary-area entertainment spaces.


Wireless Systems

Wireless MartinLogan speakers can perfectly complement your listening endeavors. The Cadence wireless soundbar is truly state of the art and has a low-profile, nine-driver design that not only sounds great but will look great whether wall-mounted or placed on a tabletop.

Besides high-quality sound for TV and movie viewing in your media room, you can utilize Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, and DTS Play-Fi to stream music from your mobile devices. There are also three HDMI inputs and 4K video passthrough capability.


Architectural Speakers

If dedicating space to speakers in your North Carolina home is something you’d prefer not to do, then consider architectural speakers. MartinLogan offers both in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers that provide big and bold, lifelike sound for multi-channel home theaters or 2-channel systems.


Outdoor Speakers

The true luxury of a whole-home audio system is the ability to take the audio you love outdoors while using the same system. MartinLogan has rugged, all-weather materials with waterproof construction and a variety of mounting options.

Satellite speakers can be placed in strategic areas, either in view or camouflaged in your landscaping. Subterranean subwoofers can add deep bass to the area with no extraneous vibration. This combination delivers a natural sound that other outdoor loudspeakers cannot match.


If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of high-performance audio on your Cary, NC property, call Tronic Integration today at (919) 367-9074 or connect using our online form. We look forward to working with you.

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