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Whole-Home Lighting Control Systems: What Do They Bring To The Table?


Get Greater Coverage With A Lighting Control System

Installing an effective lighting control system can change the entire ambiance of your home. When it comes to lighting, you can greatly benefit from a whole-home lighting control system as it provides everything from energy savings to home security. If you're on the fence about installing a lighting control system for your Raleigh, NC home, take a look at the perks you can enjoy from it.

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How Custom Window Treatments Improve Your Home Life


Motorized Shades Do Much More Than Block the Sun!

Custom window treatments are an increasingly popular feature of smart home automation. More than just living room eye candy, these “smart shades” offer many functions to help make your life easier. From saving energy to improving your sleep, window treatments do much more than you ever thought possible.

Read on to learn more about how custom window treatments can benefit your home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Elevate the Cinema Experience with A Home Theater Company


Discover How Partnering with a Home Theater Professional Exceeds Your Expectations

Movies contain a transformative influence that few other art forms can generate. The medium mixes fine art elements to produce stories that engage all of your senses, turning and twisting emotions from laughter to tears, often all in the exact moment. 

As a fan of films, you understand the intimate connection between the content and the venue you watch it in. The design, decor, lighting, and even the snacks are orchestrated to increase the excitement and anticipation of what is about to unfold in front of you. 

Working with an industry-leading home theater company means that you are assured of the finest in technology, making the local multiplex pale in comparison. Are you intrigued by the possibilities of blurring the lines between fantasy and reality in your Raleigh, NC smart home? Continue reading to learn how good it can be. 

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Smart home technology adds luxury and convenience to the way you live, creating a house that suits you and your needs. Whether you relax to whole-home music, become immersed in movies from your home theater system, or feel safer with intelligent security, every day is an enhanced experience. 

As a Lutron dealer, we know that the look and feel of your home influences how you feel, work, and your perspective on the day. A home automation system from Tronic Integration takes a more human-centric approach, enabling you to be happier, healthier, and more connected to the day.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Apex, NC smart home? Continue reading below to learn more.

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A Whole-Home Lighting Control System Offers Beauty, Luxury, and Ease


Today’s Automated Lighting Control Systems Create a Healthier Home Environment While Saving Energy

Are you considering installing a whole-home lighting control system in your Chapel Hill, NC home? If so, you’ve probably heard about the one-touch solutions that allow you to control your lighting from your smartphone, in-wall touchscreen, or tablet.

You may also be intrigued by the ability to adjust your home's lighting with pre-set scenes. For example, a "Goodnight" scene may lower the blinds while turning off the lights, except for the glowing trail that illuminates a path from the bedroom to the bathroom. While these abilities represent remarkable advancements in technology, automated lighting systems can do much more.

At Tronic Integration, we specialize in high-performance, tailored solutions using best-in-class brands. Lutron has long been considered the global leader in automated lighting solutions. Let’s see what additional benefits they provide.

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