Why Architects Need to Include a Home Automation System in Their Designs


Everything You Need to Know About Designing Homes That Sell

If you’re an architect in Chapel Hill, NC, and you don’t already include plans for a home automation system in your designs, you could be doing potential homeowners a disservice. 

Many homeowners are willing to install smart devices into their home on their own, but anticipating customers' needs will make your home designs more successful and popular, and you’ll stay ahead of the competitors in your industry. After all, who wants to invest in a home design that might result in them being stuck with a property that spends too much time on the market?

Keep reading to discover the hard facts on the increased demand for pre-installed smart technology and how you can incorporate a home automation system in your design without making your head spin.


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3 Perks Home Theaters Have Over Movie Theaters


When You’re Thinking of Installing a Home Theater, You’ll Want to Consider These Benefits

In 2020, going to the movies doesn’t look exactly how it used to a year ago. Some theaters are still closed, while others allow limited capacity and require all patrons to wear the proper personal protective equipment to keep everyone safe.

Many homeowners in Chapel Hill, NC and beyond are turning to a more convenient way to enjoy the movie theater experience by installing a home theater on their property. Keep reading to discover three perks a home theater design can offer that you can’t get at your local cinema.


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Motorized Shades: Benefits Beyond Aesthetics


Why Modern Interior Design Should Include Motorized Window Treatments 

As an interior designer, you’re likely aware that motorized window shades are a sleek solution for your customers' homes. As we know, blocking light and protecting your customers' privacy are the most practical reasons to select stylish shades for their windows. However, if your customers are interested in the lifestyle benefits of smart technology, then motorized window treatments are for them.

Motorized shades can be custom fit to any window in a house, even curved glass walls or skylights. Custom-fit motorized shades add value to homes instantly. Our customers and interior designers that we work with in Cary, NC know there are many versatile advantages to smart shades. Discover what we love about them below.

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The Essential Elements You Need for Home Theater Design


Do You Want the Perfect Home Theater? Learn How These Technologies Make It Happen.

One of the hallmarks of luxury home entertainment is a private cinema. Even though you can enjoy movies and TV shows in your living room, nothing beats the immersive experience you’ll find in a home theater. Furnished with a 4K UHD TV or projector, a high-performing surround-sound system, smart lighting, and theater seating, your home theater design in Raleigh, NC, can be as classy, modern, or extravagant as you want.

Step into another world while binge-watching your favorite show, catching the latest movie release, or cheering on your team – all in your home theater. Read more to see how the latest TVs, projectors, and surround-sound systems make your private cinema the perfect place for home entertainment.


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Learn Why You Should Consider a Dedicated Listening Room


With MartinLogan Speakers, Your Audio Experience Is Elevated to a New Level

Are you always chasing the experience of the last live music performance you attended and have a high standard for high-fidelity sound? If you answered yes to that question, then we have something to tell you – you’re an official audiophile.

As a music buff, you likely have high audio standards and have probably heard of MartinLogan speakers, too. With incredible accuracy and unwavering performance, the brand can recreate sound in the form that the original artist intended.

With many recent concert cancellations, it makes sense why you’d want to bring your favorite live music experiences into your Chapel Hill, NC home. That’s why a dedicated listening room can help make a space in your home a true music lover’s dream.

Read on below to learn more!


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