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The Essential Elements You Need for Home Theater Design


Do You Want the Perfect Home Theater? Learn How These Technologies Make It Happen.

One of the hallmarks of luxury home entertainment is a private cinema. Even though you can enjoy movies and TV shows in your living room, nothing beats the immersive experience you’ll find in a home theater. Furnished with a 4K UHD TV or projector, a high-performing surround-sound system, smart lighting, and theater seating, your home theater design in Raleigh, NC, can be as classy, modern, or extravagant as you want.

Step into another world while binge-watching your favorite show, catching the latest movie release, or cheering on your team – all in your home theater. Read more to see how the latest TVs, projectors, and surround-sound systems make your private cinema the perfect place for home entertainment.


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4K HDR Televisions and Ultra-Short-Throw Projectors

Do you know what’s better than watching a movie? Feeling like you are in it! A 4K TV with HDR (high-dynamic-range) delivers strikingly vivid displays. You can expect stunning clarity, sharpness, and lifelike realism that comes alive on the big screen. If you have an older 4K TV, it won’t be able to compete with the new models. Today’s ultra-high-definition TVs with HDR provide a visually immersive experience with the most stunning images you’ve ever seen on screen. It’s the only way to enjoy movies in your home theater. Unless . . .

You have an ultra-short-throw projector from Sony. Talk about class! This projector doesn’t need to be mounted on the back wall to cast a large image. In fact, move the projector about 8 inches away from the screen, and you’ll see a highly detailed video as large as 120”. Whether you place it on the floor, mount it on the ceiling, or use it for rear projection, you’ll always see a big, clear picture without compromise. This type of projector is ideal for small home theater spaces. Tronic Integration can design a private cinema that is perfect for any room.


Surround Sound Makes All the Difference

Please don’t listen to audio through your TV speakers or a soundbar. No matter how good they may seem to you, you’ll be selling yourself short. The only audio that can match your 4K HDR television or projector is a hi-fi surround-sound system. Otherwise, the experience in your home theater will be subpar.

Tronic Integration designs high-performance audio systems that create the cinematic sound you crave – with lifelike accuracy and astounding power. You won’t just listen to the music and sound effects; you’ll feel it! Hi-fi speakers from makers like Sonance, Origin Acoustics, and Martin Logan take movie-watching to a whole new level. The same is true if you want to catch the big game. Step into your home theater, and you’ll feel like you’re in the bleachers!

Overhead speakers, subwoofers, ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, and floor speakers add a whole new dimension to home theater audio. You’ll get an immersive sound experience that completely surrounds you.


Lights, Motorized Shades, & More!

The home theater display and sound system take center stage – as they should. But don’t forget the supporting players. Theater seating, room décor, smart lighting, motorized shades, and smart home automation pull it all together to create the perfect entertainment space. Using your smart touchpad, you can adjust the lights, climate, and audio-visual system to set the ideal environment. Once you’ve settled into your comfortable seat, it’s showtime. Just push a button on your touchpad and experience the wonder of your new home cinema.


Do you want the perfect home theater space? Let Tronic Integration design it for you. Get started by calling (919) 367-9074 or filling out our online contact form.


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