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Go Beyond an App for a Multi-Room Audio Experience


Design a System that Plays in Every Room of Your Home and From A Variety of Sources

Imagine listening to music wherever you go inside or outside your Cary, NC property. There’s no need to carry around a mobile speaker, and there’s no need to fumble with multiple remotes, operating systems, or cables. Every audio source and every speaker in your home will work in sync with one another, however you please. It’s possible with a multi-room audio system.

Read on to learn about the possibilities available when you start a new audio system from scratch or upgrade your existing system.


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Choose the Locations

In order to have multi-room audio in your Cary-area home, you need to decide which rooms, or zones, you’d like to listen to music. The entire house is your audio canvas! At Tronic Integration, determining this is part of the needs assessment we conduct with every client, ensuring the system we design for you provides what you desire.

If you enjoy lounging on the patio, then incorporating outdoor speakers into your audio system is key. If the kids enjoy listening to music or watching YouTube videos, including speakers in their playroom makes sense. Other popular zones to include in your whole-home system include the kitchen, dining room, home theater, bedrooms, and living areas.


Choose the Sources

Once you’ve selected where you want to listen to music, the next step is determining how you’d like to listen to music. Many people are accustomed to streaming from their favorite radio apps on their smartphones, using apps like Spotify, TIDAL, and Pandora to enjoy their favorite artists. You can stream from your smartphone to your multi-room audio system with just a tap – simply select which zone or zones of your home you’d prefer to hear the music playing.

But you can go beyond streaming smartphone apps with a comprehensive audio system. If you have a hard drive, computer, or even an older iPod filled with your favorite songs or an heirloom record player you’d like to play your favorite LPs on, you can pipe the tunes throughout your home. You can even connect your media room’s audio to your whole-home system.

The right equipment will allow you to listen to your favorite music sources in one room or multiple rooms, and you can even select different sources for different zones. That means the kids can listen to their favorite pop hits in their bedroom while you listen to relaxing jazz when cooking dinner in the kitchen. And all that’s needed is a well-designed system and a simple button tap or voice command.


Call Tronic Integration today, chat with us at the bottom of your browser or connect with us using our contact form. We can’t wait to bring music to your North Carolina home.

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