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4 Ways Home Automation Makes Your Life Easier


Watch These Tutorial Videos for Control4 System Tips and Tricks

Your Control4 home automation system should make your life more accessible than it’s ever been before. Controls should be intuitive, the operation should be seamless, and your life should become more comfortable and luxurious once an automation system is installed in your Raleigh, NC home.

Whether it’s programming your motorized shades to raise and lower at specific times of day to avoid solar heat gain, or it’s dimming the lights and turning on your 4K high definition TV when you say, “Alexa, start Movie Night,” the possibilities of home automation are exciting.

In this blog, we review four video tutorials you should watch to make the most of your Control4 OS 3 home automation system. Scroll below to start watching!


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Lighting Scenes

Using the Control4 app, you can create lighting scenes in every room of your North Carolina home. Scenes are groups of lights set at predetermined levels that can be activated with a finger tap or a voice command if you use a voice control assistant. You can see all activated scenes or all existing scenes and adjust the brightness using the Control4 smart app.



Home automation systems allow you to control the operation of a variety of smart devices. Using the Control4 app, you can monitor and manage each area of your home as a whole or control each smart solution individually. If you’d like to lower the shades in your home theater to reduce that annoying outside glare while you’re watching TV, you can with just a tap! Watch the video below to learn how.



Intercom Anywhere

The Intercom Anywhere app from Control4 allows you to transform your entire home into one connected conversational hub with your entire family and guests. Whether you are at home or away, everyone can stay in touch. You can see, hear, and buzz-in visitors with mounted touchscreens and door station cameras, broadcast messages to every room of the house, or connect with the babysitter automatically if they aren’t answering your phone calls. Watch to see how to operate this home automation system feature from Control4:



Managing Smart Locks

Smart locks are an integral part of home security and allow for family and guests to enter your home without physically being there. If the dog walker comes by the house Monday through Friday between noon and 2 p.m., then you can create a special user code for the dog walker. You can also create restrictions to their access, ensuring they are never able to enter your home outside of those time parameters. When they do use their entry code to enter your home, you’ll receive a smartphone alert to let you know they’re there.

Watch below to see how to monitor your smart door locks and create unique user codes for family and visitors.



There are a variety of other tutorial videos on our website for Control4, Lutron, and Alarm.com, so be sure to take a watch-through when you get the chance!


Tronic Integration is your local home automation system expert, so call us at (919) 367-9074 or connect using our online form to get started on your free no-obligation consultation. We look forward to assisting you!

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